Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Mock Interview Reflection

In reveiwing my mock interview, occuring on October 22nd, I think I was in general very successful. I went into the interview prepared. I made triple checked to make sure I had my cover letter and resume prepared and with me before leaving my appartment. I also made sure to get there at least 10 minutes early just to make sure I was not late. During the interview, I feel I was definitley calm and able to respond to the questions in a prompt and eloquent manner. I do think that I need to be cautious of how long I am speakig for while responding to the questions. I sometimes feel I begin to give too much information and it ends up disinteresting the interviewee and taking too much time. I thought the overall experiene was great. It is great to be able to practice interviewing in a non-stressful situation so that you are prepared when you go a real interview. My only critique is that I did not where I tie. I mistakenly took the "no jackets required" as "no jackets or ties required." Hopefully this does not hurt me too bad, as this could happen in a real situaion; you could spill coffee on you tie the morning of or all kinds of things could occur. The key is to control whatever happened or you forgot and enter the interview with confidence, as this will show your character and tenacity more so than a simple tie.

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