Sunday, September 23, 2007

Interview Articles at

I found two of the articles very interesting. First of all, the article, "Ability to Pull an All-Nighter as useful as a B.A.," definitely caught my attention and not simply because it was the first one on the list. As an architecture major that is probably the one single think I have learned to do best. The momemtum of the architectural world depands for many deadlines and these have to be met. School operates much in the same way, the final project deadline operates much in the same fashion if not worse. So, even though the article was directed towards more business, accounting, and law fields, I think its important to be able to recognized many of the skills we have acquired in our time in college that was just do not see.
Secondly, the article titled, "You Can Say Too Much Without Even Speaking," also interested me. Having some experience with interviews as an intern for the past few summers, I know how big of a role your body language can really be. The biggest problem I have and was addressed in the article is the issue of eye contact. I had always known it is important to have eye contact; however, I have always felt like its too much and came up with my own rules not to have eye contact more that a few seconds at a time. It is good to see someone else feels the same way--the "alternation between shoulder, eye, and mouth" seems to be a great solution.

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