Sunday, September 30, 2007

Resume Articles at

I particularly found the first article very interested as well. I have always been told it was okay to design your resume and cover letter just slightly from the typical layout; however, doing too much more than that was simply not wise because it distracts the reader from the content. I agree with the article, that it is a great why to make a resume stand out amongst 100's of resumes; yet, I think the examples in the artilce were a little too over the top.
I also was interested in the articles about "fudging" your resume. I really can not believe people actually think they can get away with bold lies about degrees and jobs--thats ridiculous. But if you really think about, where do you cross the line on smaller details, whats the difference between exaggerated participation in an event and being dishonest? I think its interesting to think about.

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