Thursday, November 8, 2007

Dual Coding Theory

I found the lecture on Dual Coding Theory to be very helpful. It was helpful to learn of this theory for everyone because it can be applied to almost any field. It also reassured me of things I know but never knew scientifically why they happened. For example, studying vocabulary for the GRE, I was able to memorize over 900 words in the span of three weeks and knew everyone of them. Now looking back at them, a few weeks later, I can only really remember about half of them. This is obviously because during those three weeks I was repeatedly using them in my vocabulary and reveiwing them every night via flashcards. Also, in the field of architecture it is very helpful to undersatnd the concept of dual coding theory. The most successful way to sell your idea is have first, powerful written/spoken text and ideas, secondly, powerful visual images to describe and strike interest in the project, and thridly, a peronable presentation that connects all of the over. All the components of a successful presentation parallel the three cognitive systems that work together in dual coding theory.

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